Cavity Prevention

Cavities, also known as caries or tooth decay, are found in children across the entire world. When you bring your child to The Dentists for Kids, Dr. Peter Gurr and Dr. Scott Jensen will examine his or her mouth to check for cavities, and will offer solutions to treat or prevent cavities so that your child can enjoy a healthy smile. We invite you to call us at 210-696-2563 to learn more about cavity prevention in San Antonio, Texas, and schedule your child’s appointment with our experienced pediatric dentists.

Cavities develop when your child’s teeth are exposed to sugary foods on a regular basis, and when he or she practices poor oral hygiene. Sugars and carbohydrates collect on the teeth, after which plaque forms on the tooth enamel. The bacteria in this plaque emit acid, which weakens the tooth and corrodes the inner workings of the tooth. Symptoms of cavities include:

  • Increased tooth sensitivity to temperature and spices
  • Pain
  • Toothaches
  • Nighttime waking and crying

Your child’s biannual visits with our pediatric specialists are only part of preventing cavities. Many of the ways you can help your child avoid cavities involve at home oral care. Some of the things you can do to help prevent tooth decay include:

  • Helping your child maintain a nutritious, well-balanced diet by replacing sugary snacks with natural foods
  • Reducing snacks
  • Stop using a sippy cup
  • Avoid stick foods
  • Rinse your child’s pacifier with running water, not with your own mouth
  • Do not sweeten your child’s pacifier
  • Brush and floss – parents should brush and floss their child’s teeth for them at least twice a day until the child is about 7 years old
  • Ask our pediatric dentists to check your child’s fluoride levels
  • Keep all your child’s regular dental appointments

If you have questions about cavity prevention, and to set up your child’s appointment with our friendly pediatric dentists, please call our office today.