Eli’s Experience with The Dentists for Kids

My name is Heidi, and I’m the Marketing Coordinator for The Dentists for Kids. I LOVE my job! Today was a little different because I was there not as an employee, but as Eli’s mom.

Let me tell you a little bit about us. Eli is my youngest child (I have five!), and he turns eight years old soon. Eli has autism and speech apraxia, along with some sensory issues. As many special needs parents out there know, oral hygiene can be a challenge for children on the spectrum, or those with sensory disorders.

Eli has enjoyed coming to the office for his cleanings, and today he came to get some areas of decay repaired. The staff and doctors have really helped Eli feel comfortable with getting X-rays and cleanings. They make it fun, move at his pace, and respect his comfort level. They have been so encouraging. Those good experiences have helped him be more comfortable with us helping him brush and floss each day.

Today, for his treatment, he underwent oral conscious sedation. Because Eli has some anxiety, and several areas that needed help, this was a great choice for him in order to quickly fix his teeth in a gentle, and very NON-scary way. The goal at our office is ALWAYS that the patient and parents feel comfortable, both physically & emotionally. We know that both kids and adults get scared to go to the dentist, and our staff and doctors are pros at turning fear into fun.

I wish you all could’ve been there to hear our assistant, Danielle, cheer Eli as he got x-rays, to see how our hygienist, Megean’s, gentle demeanor soothed him as she cleaned his teeth with that buzzy brush. I wish you could’ve seen our assistant Austin as he patted Eli’s hand during his procedure. I wish you could’ve witnessed Dr. Jensen as he bonded with Eli over The Avengers, and I especially wish you could’ve seen him work so carefully and gently with my son.

I work here, so I see behind the scenes. Our staff and doctors are wonderful all the time, and when no one is “watching.” They genuinely care about each patient and family. As a special needs mom, it means so much when people care and don’t make us feel “different.” I wouldn’t bring my kids to anyone else.