How Dental Visits Impact a Child’s Smile

Did you know that cavities are the reason why thousands of children miss school every year? The development of painful cavities makes it hard to concentrate on schoolwork and compel children to skip school so that they can receive dental treatment. We offer a review of how dental checkups can improve your child’s smile by preventing cavities from affecting oral health.

It’s important for children to receive professional dental cleanings and exams at six-month intervals so that our team can clean plaque and tartar from the teeth and protect the oral health from tooth decay. We also help the teeth look their best with a quick tooth polishing.

Our dentists perform a thorough tooth examination to screen for dental problems such as signs of tooth decay. We strive to treat dental conditions during their earliest stages so that severe tooth damage doesn’t result in the need for invasive treatment later on. If our dentist determines that the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth are at a risk of tooth decay, we may recommend dental sealants. These thin coatings provide barriers to protect the teeth from harmful bacteria.

If your child needs help keeping their smile strong in between dental visits, they may be able to receive fluoride supplements such as a special toothpaste to improve the quality of their tooth enamel.

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