How to Make Losing Baby Teeth Fun for Kids

If your child feels nervous or anxious about losing their baby teeth, it can make the process very tough for them and for you as a parent. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make losing baby teeth a little more fun and exciting, which can help make the process a little better. Our dentists, Dr. Peter Gurr, Dr. Scott Jensen, and Dr. Hidayat Nagori, would like to tell you all about those things so you and your child can have a successful and positive experience losing baby teeth. The things you can do to make it more fun include:

-Tell them about the Tooth Fairy! Tell them that when they lose their teeth, they place them in a sandwich bag or little box and put them under the pillow. When they are asleep, the Tooth Fairy visits them, takes the tooth and replaces the tooth with a special treasure, like money!

-Help your child build a cute little tooth box or pillow pocket to keep their lost tooth in. These things can keep the tooth safe until the Tooth Fairy visits! Sometimes she can get busy, so it might take a few days for her to visit.

-Help your child make a sign that tells the Tooth Fairy they have a tooth for her. Hang the sign on the bedroom door or window. You can also spread glitter on the front porch or outside the window seal to let the Tooth Fairy know you’re ready.

-Leave a sign that the Tooth Fairy visited. You can leave a little thank you note encouraging your child to keep brushing. You can leave little glittery footsteps on the window seal showing she was there. You can even leave a little Tooth Fairy receipt that states how many teeth were taken and what was paid for them!

Do you have any questions about losing baby teeth? If so, please contact The Dentists for Kids when you have the chance. We also encourage you to call 210-696-2563 if you have any questions about pediatric dentistry in San Antonio, Texas. We look forward to hearing from and helping you!