Orthodontic Appliances

Early treatment is sometimes recommended by our orthodontist to help prevent problems in the future. While you may wonder if your child is too young for orthodontic treatment, but there are many cases where Phase 1 treatment (meaning not a full, comprehensive treatment) is very beneficial. If this is the case for your child, Dr. Cristiana (Kika) Araujo will use orthodontic appliances to help guide the eruption and alignment of your child’s teeth, jaw, and bite. For more information about orthodontic appliances, and to make an appointment at The Dentists for Kids, please contact us today at 210-696-2563.

Expanders help widen the maxilla (top jaw) to allow for eruption of teeth without needing extractions. It is also used to correct cross bites. Expanders are fixed appliances (meaning it can’t be taken out) that our orthodontist designs to fit each child specifically.

Lower Lingual Holding Arch (LLHA)
LLHA appliances help prevent molars on the bottom jaw from shifting forward, helping to maintain and allow space for erupting teeth.

Nance or Transpalatal Arch (TPA)
TPA devices help prevent molars on the top jaw from shifting forward, which maintains and allows space for erupting teeth.

Tongue Crib
Tongue cribs are a type of oral appliance that helps break poor habits such as thumb and finger sucking and tongue thrusting.

Herbst Appliance
Herbst appliances help move the lower jaw in a forward direction to correct the bite.

Headgear & Face Mask
Headgear and face masks help correct the bite by using the head as an anchor.