The Link Between Diet and Pediatric Oral Health

Your child’s oral health can be highly influenced by their diet, as some foods are beneficial to dental health and others can increase the risk of damage to the teeth and gums. To help you teach your child effective dental habits, we offer a review of the types of food to avoid and eat.

Very sugary foods and drinks contribute to the production of harmful oral acid that affects the health of your child’s teeth, causing them to develop cavities and even periodontal disease. Similarly, foods that have a lot of starch can cause tooth hazards by easily sticking to the teeth and increasing exposure to substances that cause tooth decay. If your child eats lots of acidic food, their tooth enamel can weaken and break down, increasing the vulnerability of the teeth.

Because there are so many unhealthy sweets and snacks available to children, it’s very easy for kids to consume them frequently. You can reduce the risk of tooth damage by encouraging your child to regularly brush and floss their teeth and take them to the dentist for dental checkups every six months.

Our team at The Dentists for Kids recommends filling your child’s plate with lots of healthy foods that benefit teeth, including fruit, vegetables, water, whole grain water and lean protein. Foods with protein have phosphate, which nourishes the teeth, and some fruits offer small amounts of fluoride to improve the tooth enamel. Milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products offer the teeth more calcium to boost their strength.

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