Soft Foods for Braces: Split Pea Soup Recipe

If you are having a hard time finding food you like to eat because of your braces, we have got you covered with some scrumdillyumptious recipes to help you get by. In today’s offering, we have split pea soup (with ham). If you haven’t had this before, you’ll want to try it. Even people who don’t like peas go gaga … Read More

How to Make Losing Baby Teeth Fun for Kids

If your child feels nervous or anxious about losing their baby teeth, it can make the process very tough for them and for you as a parent. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make losing baby teeth a little more fun and exciting, which can help make the process a little better. Our dentists, Dr. Peter Gurr, Dr. … Read More

All About Making Oral Hygiene More Enjoyable for Kids

Did you know there are things you can do to help your child enjoy oral hygiene? Well, it’s true! This can help you avoid the temper tantrums and the whining fits that are involved in asking your child to brush and floss. The more enjoyable the oral hygiene routine is, the more your child will like caring for their smile. … Read More

The Link Between Diet and Pediatric Oral Health

Your child’s oral health can be highly influenced by their diet, as some foods are beneficial to dental health and others can increase the risk of damage to the teeth and gums. To help you teach your child effective dental habits, we offer a review of the types of food to avoid and eat. Very sugary foods and drinks contribute … Read More

Tips for Having a Healthy Easter Smile

Do you want a top-notch smile and oral health for your child this Easter? If so, you need to take good care of their teeth and gums. If you’re not careful, they may suffer the consequences. Our dentists are happy to help your child achieve a healthy Easter smile because they deserve to celebrate the holiday without suffering dental pain … Read More

How Dental Visits Impact a Child’s Smile

Did you know that cavities are the reason why thousands of children miss school every year? The development of painful cavities makes it hard to concentrate on schoolwork and compel children to skip school so that they can receive dental treatment. We offer a review of how dental checkups can improve your child’s smile by preventing cavities from affecting oral … Read More

Bring Out Your Best Smile With Pediatric Dentistry

In order to ensure your child has the best chance for healthcare success, they depend on you to make sure their mouth is cleaned and cared for properly. If you neglect their teeth and gums, they will surely suffer from issues associated with poor oral health. For additional help caring for the smiles of children, their pediatric dentists are available … Read More

Caring For Your Baby’s Smile From Birth

From birth, your baby’s smile needs regular oral care, even before the teeth erupt. We can help you take good care of your child’s smile to help them develop effective oral health: Gums: The gums need to be cleaned even before the teeth erupt. This can be done by using a clean, damp cloth or gauze to wipe the gums … Read More

The Facts About Fruit Juice and Tooth Decay

Is fruit juice bad for your teeth? For people thinking about sugar and tooth decay, this is a common concern and question. Many mothers give their children fruit juices in lieu of candy and colas thinking that the benefits available in in fruit, such as vitamin C and antioxidants are better for them. They are right! Drinking juice lowers the … Read More

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy Through Life

Brushing and flossing are habits we should keep throughout our lives, especially as we get older. Teeth age along with your body, and like an aging body, your teeth go through changes. While it’s a common misconception that everyone loses their teeth as they get older, this isn’t true. If your teeth are properly cleaned, checked, and well cared for, … Read More